February 25, 2019


Hey y’all. I have been thinking about this post for a long while, how I would address it, how I would start it and how I would relay to you all exactly what I went through. I knew without a doubt that I wanted to share with everyone an experience I had with one doctor, and then another, and what I’ve been through since. 


I’ve been seeing Dr. Davis in Cherry Hill, NJ since I was freshly 24 years old, getting lip injections. He used Juvederm Ultra Plus (is what he told me anyway!) I had never had my lips done anywhere else beforehand. This was my first ever cosmetic procedure, which resulted in several maintenance touch ups to follow after my first lip session with him. He told me about the product he was injecting, and assured me that he knew what he was doing. He is a doctor, who has been on tv, who is well known in his area, so I had no reason not to believe him, right? So, I was convinced by both him and his right hand women that assist him in his office that my lips looked “absolutely gorgeous” and “so beautiful” after each and every lip touch up in his procedure room. 


After about 2 years of loyally booking and attending every appointment with Dr. Davis, I decided maybe it was time for me to try another doctor. My friends and family were telling me how unnatural I was looking, and how strange my lips were looking, (these were nice words...) and so, I started looking elsewhere for cosmetic work. I’m a hairstylist/makeup artist in my hometown and I, myself have several clients who see a Nurse in Philadelphia who owns her own business and recently took off doing her own thing in the cosmetic world. I always loved how natural these clients of mine were looking. I started to wonder and notice how their injection work looked so different than mine. I booked with this 26 year old nurse and went in for my first appointment. 


Before my appointment, I was very excited to meet her and try someone new. Quite a few months had passed since my last appointment with Davis so, I thought it would be time for a touch up with this nurse who I will now release is, Miss Tanya Atiyeh who is the owner and founder of Allure Aesthetics LLC In Pennsylvania. 


I sat in the waiting room and anxiously waited for her to come get me! Soon enough, she did, and escorted me to her procedure room. She handed me a mirror and asked me to take a look at myself and to show her what exactly brought me in. I explained that I was there to have my lips filled again, (my maintenance touch up) and I could immediately sense and see signs of serious concern on her face as she couldn’t hide from me what she was thinking. She took a deep breath, and told me the God honest truth. My current lips looked awful. She expressed to me that wherever I went last time for my injections and whoever did it to me, did a terrible job. I was completely botched and this was some of the worst work she’s ever seen. I was a little flabbergasted at first, I will admit. But within minutes became extremely grateful for her honest words and advice. She spoke to me like a friend, like someone who genuinely cared and wanted to help me fix this problem, I so obviously had on my face. She showed me my lips in the mirror and explained to me how the filler I currently had was up in my actual mustache area, and not even in my lips entirely. The filler was preventing my mouth from even moving properly. I couldn’t pucker up or make a kissy face without my lips looking like what I like to call, (excuse my French) a butthole!!! 


She showed me pictures of the procedure done correctly and what lips SHOULD look like after injections and assured me that if I was willing to go through with the steps it would take to fix this, she was more than willing to help me get there and love my face again. 


So, here we go. Step one. She explained to me that I would need several sessions of having a dissolving treatment injected. This dissolver is called Hylenex, and it dissolves old filler, allowing me to eventually have no more filler (from my appointments with Dr.Davis) left in my lips. I had to book with Tanya on three separate occasions and had three separate appointments have this Hylenex injected, (each time a full syringe) to get rid of what was ruining me. And let me tell you, this ish is PAINFUL. Tanya let me know ahead of time that the Hylenex dissolver hurts much more than injections and I was going to be hurting during the process and I’ll just stand by her on that statement and say, she wasn’t kidding. Tears poured from my eyes uncontrollably. The pain was just not fun. At all. 


Let me also point out, that Tanya is booked months in advance. So this beautiful angel of a human, actually stayed later after her work day had ended to make sure she could get me in to do these dissolving treatments, (each treatment was 7 days apart from the last) so, I saw her for 3 consecutive weeks to have Hylenex injected. She wanted to help me so much so, that she added another 45 minutes to her work day to help me out so we could eventually give me the plump lips I wanted. 


After those 3 weeks of dissolving, pain, money and both of our time, it was time to fill. FINALLY. I was so ready to have the lips I had always dreamed of! I booked my appointment and went in for my plumping session with Miss Tanya! She very carefully injected a full syringe of Juvederm, and she took her time. My experience with her filling my lips versus Davis was quite different. She had me make different facial expressions in between pokes and looked at me from different angles while injecting. She took a bit longer to do so, and that’s because SHE WAS DOING IT RIGHT. Thank goodness for that. Praise Jesus, hallelujah for this woman, her talent, her skill, her education, her passion and her genuine soul and spirit. MY LIPS WERE FULL AGAIN. And they looked so incredible. The filler wasn’t up in my mustache area. It was exactly where it was supposed to be and it looked amazing. I was able to pucker up, and move my mouth without being what felt like “being stuck” before. 


A little over a month later, I went back for a second plumping session with Tanya. At that appointment, she injected half a syringe of filler, which then gave me the perfect lip size that I had desired since day one. And guess what? I LOOKED NORMAL! No butthole lips!! What a difference from before!! Terrible vs. AMAZING lippies! 


I am so grateful. I am so happy. I am so thrilled with these results. Tanya is my forever go to! 


My first appointment with Tanya was in early December. It is now mid February and it took this long to be where I wanted to be in the first place, all because someone else completely messed me up, jacked up my face and clearly, didn’t know what they were doing from the start. I feel now, that Tanya and I have established a friendship and she is someone that I will ALWAYS put my faith and trust into. She helped me through something that I truly believe no one else would be able to handle and deliver such amazing results in the way that she did. 


 Here is a zoomed in picture of my nephew and I BEFORE my lips were fixed and touched by Tanya. I was MESSED up. Look at that terrible ducky appearance! The filler is overpowering my mustache area. 


These photos are pictures that Tanya took in her office, the top one being before she even touched me (what Dr. Davis did!) VS. the bottom pic after 3 sessions of dissolver and then first session of new filler! 


This photo was a selfie I took just a few hours after Tanya injected me with one full syringe on the first go! (Very minimal bruising! I WAS THRILLED!) 


These two photos above are the most recent photos I took after going back a second time with Tanya for my final half syringe of filler to achieve my ultimate lip goal! (THANK YOU TANYA!)  




Please people, do your research. Ask around. Look around. Ask to see a doctors work, before you go ahead and go for it. You can’t just trust anyone with your face! 


For all your cosmetic injectable needs and desires, you can book an appointment with Tanya at 610-393-1253. You can follow along with her and her work on her instagram page @allureaestheticsllc ️ 


This post is in no way sponsored, is not an ad, and are 100% my honest thoughts, words and a real life experience. 


I love you all.













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