April 11, 2017

It's completely absurd to me that an entire year has come and gone, but indeed it has. Today, Charmed Jersey Belle turns ONE. I truly don't know how I can accurately portray in words how I'm feeling right now, but it's something pretty emotional.  I am grateful. I am humbled. I am so so so thankful. And I am indeed blessed to be the voice behind it all.  This blog has changed my life. In more ways than one.


For one, it has been an escape. My creative escape. For so long, I was starting to feel like I needed something more. Something that I loved to do other than my career. I am so ridiculously passionate about what I do and my calling a cosmetologist. I truly feel like I was put on this earth to do what I do. However, I wanted a hobby. A new one. Something that I could do on my own time, in my own way. Something fun. Something I loved. 


 I've always had a blog page. Since middle school. However, it wasn't a fashion blog. It was only my words. My heart-on-my-sleeve, raw, authentic words. That page was always my escape. Writing my thoughts down on paper has always been a way for me get out what I'm feeling, to be able to stop and read what I had written, take it all in and allow myself to feel the emotion without completely becoming it. 


I had been thinking about creating a lifestyle/fashion blog for quite some time and finally, I decided to make it happen. What did I have to lose? What was holding me back? Nothing. And I didn't want to wish one day that I had done it. 


My passion for fashion and beauty is something I really wanted to incorporate into my blog. So, I tried a new approach. I created a new website, Charmed Jersey Belle, and I reached out to other bloggers who I had followed and asked them for advice and tips on how to get this thing started. To my surprise, the blogger community is nothing short of wonderful. It is full of women who are empowering and supporting one another on the same journey. 


I started this blog for me. I never had intentions of this being a second job, or another way of earning an income. (For those of you unaware, as a blogger, you can make commission on product bought from your page. In some cases, brands will also offer you a monetary payment to post your honest review about them and/or gift you items of your choice from their site.) I never in a million years thought that brands around the world would reach out to me, wanting me to represent their company or I could be sponsored or anything along those lines. Really, ME? But before I knew it, the emails started rolling in and I am truly humbled to even be sitting here saying this. This is a dream. I have to publicly say, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to each and every sponsor that has believed in me and allowed me to be a part of their business. I am so grateful. 


Being a blogger is work. And it's hard work. But if you love it, it's the best kind of challenge there is. I have spent countless hours putting together new looks, searching for places to shoot, editing photos, typing up posts and meeting deadlines. And I have truly enjoyed every minute. I have learned so much since I started and I'm only continuing to improve my knowledge every day. 


About 6 months ago, I reached out to a couple bloggers in the community, who's content I really enjoyed and who had a similar style to myself. I asked them to be a part of my journey and I created a "blogger support group" through Instagram. I asked them if there was any blogger they really connected with or felt would be a good addition to our group, to add them too! The more the merrier, right!? The point of this group was to support one another in our blogging endeavors, ask each other questions, help each other with whatever it is we could and be a friend to other women on the same journey as ourselves. There are now about 12 active girls in our direct message/group chat and I LOVE THESE WOMEN TO ITTY BITTY BITS. Oh my goodness, when I tell you God is good, He is. These ladies have become some of my greatest friends and I truly believe we were all brought together for a reason. We all mesh so well, it's like we're sisters. Blogging sisters. We talk every single day, all day long the chat is going. Sharing pictures, thoughts, ideas, and TONS of laughs. We share with each other happenings in our daily lives and we are the truest of friends. These girls keep me motivated and they have become a huge part of my reason and purpose here on, Charmed Jersey Belle. These babes are from all over the country. Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, Minnesota, Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York and of course, New Jersey. This summer we have a trip planned to Nashville, Tennessee where we will all meet face to face and squeeze the life out of each other. It will most likely be an emotional moment, as many of us have already expressed to one another that we might even cry. Haha, girl problems, man. 


Meet my best babes: 


 Chloe of Beyond Blessed Blog 

Instagram: @chloebarnold


 Bryn of Waketon Road

Instagram: @brynbradsher


 Shea of Daily Shea Leigh 

Instagram: @shealeighmills


 Taryn of Glamorous Versatility 

Instagram: @tarynnewton


Victoria of Coffee and a Blonde Blog

Instagram: @coffeenablonde


Sarah of Sarah Riley Rose

Instagram: @sarahrileyrose


 Katie of The Holly Tree 

Instagram: @thehollytree_


 Mary of Miss Mary Powers 

Instagram: @missmarypowers


 Kasey of Running in Heels Blog 

Instagram: @kaseygoedeker


 Torunn of Beyoutiful Blog 

Instagram: @torunnlee


 Maeve of The Everyday Maeve 

Instagram: @everydaymaeve


 Cara of Marvelous In the Midwest 

Instagram: @marvelousinthemidwest


 Christina of Christina Bee 

Instagram: @christinabeex3



Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey here and who has been following along with me. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. I love you all so much, my heart could burst. 


Thank you for stopping by to help me celebrate my blogiversary! 






*Thank you to ChicWish for sponsoring this post! 


Stay lovely. 





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