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For as long as long as I can remember, I've had a sister. The furthest back, I can remember as a little girl was the day my baby sister was born. We're a year and nine months apart. Call me crazy, but I remember. Not even two years old, walking into the hospital room to meet Emily Nicole. 


Before you call me crazy AGAIN, I'll tell you why this day is one that I will never forget and one that I torture my mother with always. 


The eighteenth of February in 1994. I was told I was getting a baby sister that day. I remember spending the day with my grandmother. She had riled me up and had me so stoked to meet this little human they all kept calling "Emily".  I even remember what I had on that day. 101 Dalmatians pants and long sleeve tee with red detailing. The time arrives for me to go meet my little sister. I walk into the hospital room, look to my left and see my mother in a hospital bed, holding the little person. I hadn't seen my mom now for close to 7 or 8 hours, and the first thing she says as I step in the doorway, "OH MY GOSH, BROOKE LOOKS LIKE A MONSTER!" 


Now, being an adult, and after talking to her about it later in life, I understand that she said that to the other adults in the room because I looked so big to her. She had seen me as her "baby" for so long, and now, here was an infant in her arms, she forgot how small I once was. Unfortunately for my not even two year old self, she compared my size to a monster after spending time with 7 pound Emily. I didn't say anything out loud but I immediately thought to myself, "What kinda nonsense is this? I get a new baby sister and suddenly my mom thinks I'm a monster?" 


I walked into the hospital bathroom, stood in the empty shower, and looked down at the drain contemplating life for a minute or so. Quickly getting bored of that, I walked over to the window in the room, and looked a few floors down to see a snow-covered street. I was already over the whole, having a sister thing. A monster? Really? It was traumatizing.


Here we are, 23 years later. There isn't any other person I'd be a monster for, than my sweet sissy, Emily Nicole. This gal is one upping me in every way possible. I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments. Married two years, bought a house, had a baby. And might I add, my nephew, Ace Callaway is the greatest thing to ever happen to our family. My oh my, he is such a precious soul. As soon as I saw him, I instinctively fell in love. Weird how that happens. Sister has a babe and boom, you'll walk through fire for that little human, no questions asked. If you don't already have a niece or nephew, I look forward to the day that you do. It's not something I could ever explain to you. But the love is different than anything I've ever felt before. My heart could burst. 


Having Emily as a sister is pretty much one of the greatest things about my life. Heck, being a big sister to all my siblings is the best part about my life. Though it hasn't always been sunshine and rainbows, we've never ever left each other's side. And I assure you, we never will. Now, as adults, we are closer than ever. Best friends. Who even though live 2,800 miles from each other, still exchange words and laughs every single day.


The conversation went from, "YOU STOLE MY SHIRT! ARE THOSE MY SHOES?! GIMME BACK THAT NECKLACE! YOU'RE UGLY!" ... "Hey, I have this shirt you can wear! It will look so great with those jeans."

"I have a pair of shoes I think you might like. Wore them once. Want them?" 

"Can I just be as hot as you? You got the better genes."


My little sister is absolutely my best friend in the world. She's my little piece of childhood that can never be lost. I have so many fond, vivid memories of being a little girl and every one of them includes Emily Nicole. We shared a room for 17 years, endured heartache and heartbreak together, celebrated one another successes and always, always stuck up for one another. We've each always had the mindset, that no one is going to pick on or humiliate my sister, unless it's me! 


Ace is the topic of most conversations and when he isn't we're nothing but best buds soaking up a heart to heart moment, or laughing til it hurts. We spent so much time together when she came to visit last week and I look forward to our next hello. I see a plane ticket purchase in the near future. 


Emily and I have been talking about doing a photoshoot together for the blog for quite some time. What better place to do it than in our good 'ol farmy hometown, where we grew up. 


Thank you for choosing me to be your big sister, Emmy. 




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If you've read this far, thank you. And bless you. That was a long one. 


Stay lovely.







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