September 23, 2016


How cute is this skirt?! I am so in love! I've partnered up with again this week, and they have hooked me up with this gorgeous number! Perfect for a formal night out, or even as a guest to a wedding! I like that it's floral, while still being fall appropriate with the color scheme.








How was everyone's week?


If y'all have Facebook, then you are familiar with the "memories" that pop up in your notifications. Well, today I got a notification about a blog post I wrote exactly one year ago on my old page. My last blog was nothing but my words and happenings that I shared with the world. I went back and read what I had written and I decided it might be cool to share some of my words with all of you. Here it goes: 


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I bet you didn't know. 

"I write a lot. I don't always post. But I always write my words on paper. Sometimes it's one sentence, sometimes two. Sometimes it's a page or three. My thoughts try to scratch their way out of my body. Sometimes I feel like I'll go crazy if I don't get it out. But "getting it out" doesn't always mean sharing it with the world. Instead, maybe with some lined paper. My words are saved in a box beneath my bed for later reads, perhaps someone special in the future or maybe even a fire pit. Who knows if those words and I will ever even meet again. But they are indeed saved for something. 


I bet a lot of you think you know me. But I'm sure you didn't know that I regularly get in my car and drive, with no destination. Sometimes music is playing, sometimes it's not. I bet you  didn't know that I love to go to the train station in town and watch the train pass by, just how I used to do when my grandmother was alive and would take me to watch the people get on and off the train every Tuesday afternoon. I bet you didn't know that I sometimes drive to Cape May, just to see the sunset. The only place in New Jersey where the sun sets over the ocean water. I bet you didn't know that the library is one of my favorite places. In there, are books. And inside those books, are words. I am a lover of words. Especially John Steinbeck's words. He is forever my favorite author. I wish I could have known him. The man gets me. I bet you didn't know that a sunflower is one of my eye's favorite views. I have always loved a sunflower, even on the darkest days, she is standing tall and beaming bright as the sun. I bet you didn't know that I will do absolutely anything for anyone I love. Anything. Talk is cheap. I walk the walk for the ones my heart beats for. I bet you didn't know, that I have a 3 page letter addressed to me, from my mother, that I keep on me at all times. She wrote it about a year and a half ago. The words inside those folded papers are words that remind me of what it means to be loved and needed. Sometimes I desperately need that reminder. I bet you didn't know that I was broken. For a long time. Because I bet you also didn't really know that even the happiest of people, are sometimes fighting a battle you know absolutely nothing about. Smiles are nothing but a curve on a face, that can easily be shielding, what's really, a flipped frown. 


My tragic mishaps used to define me. Now, I can hardly remember them. I sometimes talk a big game, when I speak of the past. It flows easily from my mouth and I can speak of it now, as if my heart was never broken. Oh, but if we could just turn back the clock, my words are tougher than my soul ever was. I was learning to live with my heart in my throat. To get out of bed and operate like a robot. Go through the motions, because I had to. The tears. They would well up without explaining their exact origin.


I learned a lot about myself in the last year or so. I have learned a lot about what makes me tick. And what doesn't. I have learned that my soul relies on others for happiness. I am an extroverted human being who relies too much  on others for happiness. But I have learned, that not a single soul in this world can make me happier than I can make myself. I have full control over this. And so do you! 


Let me tell you something. And I want to be so very, very clear about this. If anyone in this world that you are seeing romantically, that you have a friendship with, that you anticipate some sort of relationship with in the future, ever makes you feel anything less than wonderful, or ever instills some sense of unworthiness in you, or ever even once makes you feel like you aren't good enough, WALK AWAY. Don't try to make sense of it. Don't try to understand why. Don't try to talk about it. Nothing good begins like that. Walk away for you. You need to protect yourself. You need to know your worth. You need to know that you are lovely. You are so so lovely. Those that truly want you in their life, will show you that. I promise you that. 


I don't want to waste any time forcing interactions, conversations or relationships. You shouldn't either. Love of any kind at all, requires no convincing. 


I used to struggle with the walk away. Every now and then, I still do. Because hey, I'm only human. And sometimes, my heart wants things.


But, at this point in my life, once I start feeling like I can't relax and be myself, I'm out. There have been too many instances in my life where I struggled to laugh, be silly, relax and just enjoy my time with a person, because I was too worried about what they were thinking of me or what they thought of the situation, or wondering why I just wasn't enough for them. I don't ever wanna feel like that again. 


You deserve the sunshine. You don't ever want anyone to sink you to the bottom. Surround yourself with the ones who fly you to the moon. 


Always, always aim for the moon, my friend. It's nice up here. Trust me. Believe me. 


Fly with me to the moon. 




-Brooke M. Triboletti


Thanks for visiting, my sweet, sweet friends.


Love and hugs. 










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